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I feel like I am never on LJ enough to actually ever update this blog! ; _ ; Sorry, ladies!
So if you're looking for a way to see what other sugary sweet things I've been sewing up before I post them on the EGL sales, or on the Etsy go over and take a peek at my personal blog! : 3

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A Pink Wonderland

Never have I found such delight in a store (except for perhaps Baby the Stars Shine Bright, my idol) as I do in Pink Hello Kitty, also known as Gingerbread Jewelry. www.pinkhellokitty.etsy.com They are not just mere trinkets of the common sort which seems to litter the commercial waves of the web. This store is much more than that... it is a candied wonderland crafted by an extraordinary soul!

Since I discovered Natascha's etsy site by pure accident this past year, I have since become enchanted her extremely delicate and ultimately charming jewelry designs! They are the very essence of kawaii, of what every sighing heart longs for--- a dose of pure, candied goodness! Her designs, whether they are a scrumptious cake necklace topped with whip cream or a picnic backet full of cookies (which I own! <3), are impeccably crafted by hand. These jewelries are perfect for whimsical souls or someone just looking to add a spash of cute to their outfit. Each jewelry is unique to the next, and you'll never find one exactly the same.

Like the sweet essence of her crafts, the woman behind their creations is equally as lovely and sweet. Having purchased gifts from her personally, as well as receiving them for my birthday, I can honestly say Natascha is one of the MOST warm and friendly sellers I've had the honor to purchase from! (She even personalized the sale with a cute birthday note and some suprise goodies! Thanks, Natascha, you're the best! <3) I believe she is truly talented and continue to admire her creative creations on Flickr, cooing over the cuteness.

In conclusion, if you are looking for something unique, personal, and super cute, I highly recommend Pink Hello Kitty/Gingerbread Jewelry! You too shall fall in love with enchantment, I promise!

xoxox Yours Truly.

*All designs shown here belong respectively to Natascha and Pink Hello Kitty/Gingerbread Jewelry.

A Proper Introduction

Hello lovelies of the universe!

I thought it would be nice to properly introduce myself to all of you with a curtsy and a big smile!
My name is Miss Annika (ann-eh-kah) and it's my very good pleasure to meet you. c :

I am a dreamy girl with her head in the clouds, currently attending my junior year at Columbus College of Art and Design, 
majoring in fashion design. My one goal I am working steadily towards is to finish my degree with the intention of opening
my very own little boutique specializing in lolita clothing and cutie things! Wish me luck, ne? 

Making things with my hands has always been one of the most important aspects of my life. Without a blossoming sense of creativity and passion for designing clothing, I believe my heart would be lost and wither without it.

I hope you enjoy frolicking around my sparkly, pastel world with me! Do befriend me and we'll make sure to chat over tea! <3

xoxox With Sweets,

ps: If you wish to befriend me elsewhere, do add me on facebook, cutie pie! c : Annika Simmons.
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